Jennifer Cassetta


About Jennifer...

Jennifer is one of the top nationally recognized female self defense experts who speaks to audiences around the country on empowerment, self-defense and health & wellness. Equipped with her 3 rd degree black belt and Master’s degree in Nutrition, Jennifer has trained clientele that include CEO’s, celebrities, royalty and whole organizations.

Jennifer has been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, Rachael Ray, Bethany, Marie Osmond, and many more! She published her first book, Hear Me Roar: How to Defend Your Mind, Body and Heart Against People Who Suck in 2014 and was recently a featured expert on ABC's weight loss reality show, My Diet is Better Than Yours.

Safety and nutrition brands look to Jennifer for representation and the media keeps her on speed dial when looking for safety and weight loss tips. Jennifer's passion about keeping people strong and safe is evident in her empowering presentation style and unwavering commitment to women's health and safety. For more info, head to

Speaking Friday 3/5/2017, 4pm-5pm

Topic: The Art of Badassery

A badass is one who finds success in the impossible, rendering onlookers awestruck.

Who wouldn’t want to master badassery?

Jennifer Cassetta has put her badassery skills to the test. She survived being at ground zero on September 11th, she’s personally taken on an attacker, and she has suffered some major losses in her life that could have potentially led her down a dark path. She chose to do the opposite.

Now, she is encouraging women to do the same. In this motivational and empowering keynote, Jennifer demonstrates that life does not have to be defined by tragic moments, but instead, by the courage to keep moving forward. With her Seven Principles of Badassery, women will have the tools to look at life differently, embrace who they are without apology, and become  strong female leaders.

Jennifer will lead you through the process to embrace your past so you can create a powerful future. You will learn non-verbal communication techniques and how to stick up for yourself like a boss— a boss of badassery.