Tanya Schroeder - Conference Host 


Tanya Schroeder - Founder & Director of Operations at The Manifesto Co., 200hr. Certified Yoga Instructor + Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Born in San Diego, Ca. The Manifesto Co. works with busy professionals along the West Coast.  

We specialize in unique education driven events, business consulting and discovery coaching through career transitions.

Tanya's background in business operations, management and spiritual wellness gave her a platform to combine the mental and physical to maximize and align each individuals output towards their professional goals. Details, strategies and promoting growth are her jam. Events are a way to bring people together and create collaboration and impactful experiences.   

Her passion to host Vibrant Woman 2017 came from her own personal experiences and transformation from a triggered life to a life-by-design. She is a world traveller, craft beer geek, hiker, ocean lover and life enthusiast.  

Tanya's Free Life By Design Guide and access to her services are available at: themanifestoco.com