Tara Miller, Psychotherapist & Author


Tara Miller - MC, RCC

Tara Miller is a psychotherapist with a private practice located in West Kelowna, BC. Seeing the challenges smart, successful women were facing in the dissatisfaction and lack of vibrancy in their own lives contributed to a holistic foundational treatment plan that she offers all of her private clients.

Those practices great into her e-book, The Resilient Mind: Self Regulation Strategies for Busy Professionals to Feel Less Stressed and More Productive and the vision for the Vibrant Woman whole-life intensive. Her desire to see women reclaim their purpose, passion and enthusiasm for life regardless of where they left it behind has been a driving force in her personal and professional life.

Tara is trained in the latest, cutting edge science about the brain from evidence based neuroscience research and practices. Her methods treat the whole person in the context of their lives with targeted brain hacks that work from the roots to the branches - where traditionally talk therapy and other approaches work from the branches (or symptoms) alone.

Vibrant Woman is the birth of Tara’s passion to see women build resiliency and joy into their lives during the stages where they are most vulnerable to losing sight of them. Tara’s ebook, free articles, videos and access to one on one personalized sessions is available at taradawnmiller.com