Tatiana Dudyez, Business Coach


Our culture of scarcity and competition have led women to deny their true nature and lead unauthentic lives. The reality is, we are hard-wired for connection, vulnerability and love.

Tatiana Dudyez is a fierce single “mamabear” to two gorgeous girls, a business woman, entrepreneur and coach. Known for her unique and compelling heart-centered leadership, she inspires people to thrive and lift one another.

When her peak professional performance did not afford her the fulfilment she was seeking, she sold her multi-million-dollar business and joined Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership to network with masters, unleash her inner truth and elevate her life.

Today, she has massively transformed herself to be One with her power and follows her passion: to be a catalyst for high-achieving women to dare to be more by embodying their authentic feminine power. 

Her mission is to mobilize women to rise collaboratively, radically redefine success, and defy society's paradigm for leading, loving and living intentionally and congruently.

As a coach, Tatiana’s expertise is to create alignment between Feminine Intelligence and the business world for women to attain genuine fulfillment and impact the integration of gender diversity in our culture.

Tatiana is deeply committed to serving women yearning to claim their unique power, unapologetically. 

Ignite the radiance within and dare to be more...